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Frequently asked questions

The Odin's Heart Foundation is a 501c3 non profit organization. who empowers the Rare Disease Caregiving Community with Professional and Mental Health Services as well as financial aid. For more information, or to donate check out

Odin's Mobile Dock is not just a mobile dock; it's part of a mobile dock jumping experience committed to inclusiveness and unifying the community of dog sport enthusiasts and their service providers.

  1. We furnish the mobile dock diving equipment, and provide referrals to professional dock operators, instructors, and entertainers.
  2. When you request the mobile dock from us, and we provide your information to the operators.

The first step to renting the dock is to submit a request for more information here.

From Idea to Implementation, We're Here to Help You Organize and Complete Successful Fundraising Campaigns.

Take the first step towards becoming drop ship provider or dock operator by submitting an operator request form.

Would you please consider donating to Odin's Heart Foundation?

Your donation will help support Odin's Heart Foundation's efforts to care for caregivers of rare disease with respite and mental health services.

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