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United Dock Diving

Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Us.

Frequently asked questions

Titles are for all jump activities for the 2023 and 2024 through January 31.2024.

Example: If you jumped only in February, you would accumulate points for your jumps and appear on our next title update on 3/31/2024 and released in April.

Although not yet implemented, this functionality is currently in development. United Dock Diving is partnering with to construct the player database and login features. We are enthusiastic about this project and cannot wait to unveil the completed product to you.

For now, we are happy to send your jump information via email and upon request. Please complete the contact us form below.

The dog tags will be delivered to your designated home dock.

The link to the title document is located here.

We're happy to help. Please complete the contact form below and we will pull your results and work with you to solve the issue. We also are happy to help correct any spelling or punctuation errors on the title. The ownership data was pulled from your United Dock Diving Registration submission.

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