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Makers and Mutts

Makers and Mutts is handmade apparel and home decor specially curated towards you and your pets. We customize and make each item individually to make it high-quality yet still affordable. Makers and Mutts takes pride in making each item tailed exactly to your liking. Each of our designs are made for you and your pet, we customized pieces to be close to the likeness of your pet, or we also make designs using your pet as inspiration to make them be special items just for you. Every single pet is different and even if they are the same breed, we know that can vary immensely. We offer the option of customize on every single one of our items.

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  1. Wind Spinner - Select Your Breed
  2. Your Picture Plaque
  3. Your Pack Pride Tee
  4. Sniff of Style Tee
  5. Detroit Lions Pick Your Breed Tumbler
  6. Detroit Lions Pick Your Breed Mug