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Wind Spinner - Select Your Breed

  • $25.00

This eye-catching wind spinner is perfect for showing off your favorite dog! It is a multiple-step project that captures the various colors and markings of the breeds and can be shown in either full face or, in some cases, full body view.  Crafted with a stained glass look  BUT printed on metal, this fun spinner is great for indoor or outdoor use.  

We do our best to capture the breeds as accurately as possible but do not guarantee breed-standard views.  If you would like a $10.00 non-refundable proof before printing your item, we are happy to do so.  Select Yes to request the proof.  

There is also an upload-a-picture option to provide a picture of the dog's coloring. We appreciate seeing your vision and aim to create a piece you are happy with—one proof per order. 

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